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Relinquishing a Pet

At our rescue, we understand that times are tough with the economy, home foreclosures, unemployment, etc.
Should you no longer be able to keep your beloved pet, please fill out our relinquishment form below.
No fee is charged for pets returning to our rescue after being adopted out by us.
Fees will ultimately be determined by myself upon viewing the animal, but here is a basic outline of our fees:
Fees are waived for litters of puppies and kittens (minimum of 3) as well as pregnant mothers or mothers with their litter (minimum of 3 in litter).
$20-puppy or small dog (ex. Chihuahua, any size puppy)
$40-small/medium or medium (ex. Cocker Spaniel)
$60 large to large/x-large (ex. Golden Retriever)
$20-young kitten (5 months of age or younger)
Pets will be dropped off at a San Ysidro, San Diego location, or at our physical Tijuana location upon approval of your application.
Pickups are not available.
Not all pets will qualify.
Relinquishment (giving up a pet) Form
Owner's name
Owner's phone number
Owner's email
Name of pet
Date of Birth (estimate if not known)
Spayed or Neutered?
Not fixed
Reason for relinquishment?
Current diet
Dry food
Soft food
Special Diet (senior diet, low carb diet, etc.)
Bottle fed
Previously kept
Up to date on vaccinations
Needs annual vaccination
Never vaccinated
Flea treated?
Treated with monthly flea treatment
Needs flea treatment soon
Never flea treated
Any allergies? (food, environment, etc.)
If yes, please explain
Any medical history, treated (past) or untreated (current)?
Select all that is applicable
Litterbox trained
Ears cropped or clipped
Tail docked
Crate trained
Dog friendly
Cat friendly
Kid friendly
Anything else of interest such as tricks, commands, habits, favorite toys/treats/places to go?
Do you have any of their parent information?
If yes, please explain
We run completely on donations, could you donate more than the relinquishment fees?
As always folks, our rescue is aching for more donations of any kind. Donations are always appreciated and help us to continue our struggle to help animals in need in both California and Mexico.
Contact us any time to schedule a donation, or click on our donation button to make a quick and easy cash donation to our rescue. Thank you.
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