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List of Supporters
Thank you to all the supporters listed here and those who are soon to join the list.
We have listed every donation since we started on May 31st, 2009.
Every amount counts! Thanks to all of you for helping our rescue and keeping our dreams alive through your generous donations.
MVZ. Luis Javier Guerra O.




Dog Training by Pawla


Carla's Nail Designs
Sola Salon Studios
1450 Frazee Road
San Diego, CA 92108
In Memory of Gary Robinson
a cash donation ($100) was made by Wendy
Linda-cash donation ($60), cat carriers, dry food storage container, cat food, cat toys, litter boxes, litter.
Donna-large cat play cage, cat trees and climbes, dog beds, dog and cat food, dog/cat vitamins and supplements, dog collars and leashes, dog/cat bowls, fresh chicken, towels, cat litter, dog houses, dogloo, medical supplies, dog bedding, litterboxes, blankets
Jackie and Matt-cat food, litter
Nick (met while crossing the border)-cash donation ($5)
Michael and Jennifer-dog carrier, dog bed, dog food
Barbara and Patrick-cash donation ($60), cat carrier, cat beds, cat accessories, cat toothpaste and toothbrush, dog/cat shampoo, cat flea treatment, dog/cat flea shampoo, all natural cat relaxer, cat treats, cat litter, cat food.
Debbie-cash donation ($60)
Meghan-cash donation ($20)
My mother-cash donation ($100), raffle prizes, pumpkins for Halloween themed adoption event
Dog Beach Dog Wash-$30 gift certificate as a raffle prize
Lori and Darrell-cash donation ($20)
Christine-cash donation ($100)
Ray and Caroline-cash donations ($25), cat food, cat litter, cat toys, litterbox/scoop, cat treats, food/water bowls
Shirley-cash donation ($50), dog toys, dow chews, dog treats, puppy/kitten shampoo
Deborah-cash donation ($50), cat food, dog chews, cat litter, towels, pillows
Kay-dog igloo
Luz-dog houses, dog beds, blankets
Steve and Jessica-cash donation ($40)
In Memory of Momo
a cash donation ($100) was made by Michiyo
Ilyse-cash donation ($180), dog food
Cindy-cash donation ($175), dog food, dog treats, dog toys, dog chews, dog leash, cat toys, kitten formula, animal bathing spray, dog poop bags
Ernesto- cash donation ($300) current transportation volunteer, cat food 
Hilary-past event volunteer
Roger-cash donation ($100)
Seraphine-cash donation ($13)
Mike and Lesley-past transportation volunteers, past event volunteers, dog food, dog treats, rawhide chews, puppy pads, training treats, dog toys, dog poop bags, cat food, kitten formula, cat treats, cat dental treats, cat toys, pet dishes, container, dish soap, paper towels, hand towels, harness, leash, child gate, trash bags 
Christine-dog food, puppy pads, food bowls
Tammi-cash donation ($20), dog food
Jewels-puppy pads, pet wipes, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, pull toys, dog treats
Yolanda-dog food
Dani-cat flea treatments, cat scratcher, cat bathing wipes, collar, harness, cat toys, cat bed, dog tote bag, rawhide chews, e-collars, antibacterial hand sanitizer, cloth napkins, hydrogen peroxide, baby shampoo, liquid bandage spray, pet waterer, pet dishes, placemat, hand towels
Joseph-cash donation ($20)
Bill-dog food
Erin and Miranda-cat food, dog food, pet dishes
Kristi-cash donation ($60), cat bed, catnip spray, catnip, cat scratcher, cat flea treatments
Michelle-cash donation ($20)
Kristi-cash donation ($25)
Lynn-cash donation ($20)
Mark-cash donation ($50)
Han-cash donation ($30)
Maria-dog beds
Anonymous Doner-cash donation ($40)
Stephanie-cash donation ($50)
Pat and Geer-cash donation ($25)
Elisa-dog and cat collars, dog leash
Laurie-roller pet carrier, cat food, cat box
Erica and Peter-cash donation ($10), past transportation volunteers, cat food
Eileen-cash donation ($100), moist dog food, canned dog food, dog food, dog dental treats, dog treats, cat food, canned cat food, kitten food, kitten weaning formula, cat toys, cat litter, pet wipes, puppy pads, shampoo massage spray, scrub sponges, flea and tick sprays, roundworm deworming liquid, dog poop bags, 30 gallon trashbags, shower cleaner, potpourri spray, air freshener spray, concentrated dish liquid, all purpose cleaners, tear free childrens shampoo, multipurpose sweeper.
In Memory of Jack
 dog and cat toy donations were made by Wendy
In Memory of Blue
 a cash donation ($180), dog toy, dog food, dog shampoo, and dog treat donations were made by Ashley and Anthony
Carol-cash donation ($20)
Sarah-dog harness, dog collar, dog food
Carla-dog food, canned dog food, dog chews, canned cat food
Martha-cash donation ($75)
Dan-cash donation ($100)
Dominique-cash donation ($50)
Roger-cash donation ($100)
Amanda-cash donation ($50)
Carla-dog food, canned dog food, dog treats, cat food, canned cat food, cat litter, dog and cat toys, pet dishes
Sharon-cash donation ($120)
Bob-cash donation ($450), cat laser toy
Maria and Susan-dog beds, blankets, pillows, towels, cat carrier, litterbox
Michael and Elena-cash donation ($125), dog food, blankets
Amanda-cash donation ($20), cat litter, cat carrier, cat food
Ashley-cash donation ($5)
Sue-cash donation ($100)
Diana-cash donation ($50) towards rescue dog's bloodwork (Rico), cash donation ($60), dog food, dog leash, cat food, cat litter, cat toys, 

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