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Adoption Process
1. View pictures and bio's of our adoptable animals.
2. Fill out the respective adoption form online by clicking on Dog Adoption Form or Cat Adoption Form.
3. You will be contacted via phone or email within 48 hours of your adoption form submission to inform you of the status of your application.
4. Upon approval, you may then choose to setup a meeting time in your home (if you live in San Diego) or meetup with us in San Ysidro (if you live on the outskirts or outside of San Diego County).
Note: Adoption events were normally used to conduct adoptions and meetups, but we will not be having an event until we have funding to replace our stolen event property. See our Upcoming Events page for how you can help.
5. A 10-15 minute interview will be completed, asking basic to advanced care questions about the animal of interest. I will also be asking for some backround on you and your home environment to determine if the animal of interest will be a good fit. 
6. Upon approval, an Adoption Agreement will be reviewed and signed by the adopting party stating all the legal obligations you will abide by upon receiving the adopted animal. The adoption fee must be paid as well (cash only). 
The paperwork on the animal (vaccinations, medical history, etc) will be given to the adopting party.
7. You can welcome your new pet to your loving home!
Note: Due to limited funding, not all animals are currently spayed/neutered. If you are adopting an animal that is not currently fixed, upon finalization of the adoption you must wait 7-10 days for us to spay/neuter the adopted animal.
If there is a complication after surgery (sutures were opened and the pet needs to be re-sutured, pet has a fever, etc.) the adoption process will be expected to take longer and we will incur any and all extra medical costs. Once the pet has been cleared by our rescue vet, the pet will be allowed to go to their respective home.
Patience is appreciated as we do all we can to ensure the animal's safety and wellbeing.
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