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  Updates and General News
We're Back!
A big "thank you" to Diana for donating to rescue dog, Rico's, cause. Thanks to her, little Rico will be able get some much needed bloodwork analyzed to determine the cause of his seizures. We'll keep you all posted!
Rico, the 4 year old Chihuahua that we had for adoption, has been experiencing occasional, short-lasting seizures. He is in need of bloodwork to determine the cause so that he can begin treatment. Please visit our Ways to Help page to see what you can do for Rico.
On a lighter note, congratulations to our most recent adoption, Oscar. This 7 year old blind dog was saved from being euthanized at an L.A. Shelter. He's come a long way and has finally found a forever home and goes on our Successful Adoptions page. Go Oscar!
We are currently back open to accepting relinquished dogs and cats. Feel free to fill out a relinquishment form should you need this service via our Relinquishing a Pet page.
Not all pets will qualify.
As the tough economy has taken a big toll on the rescue, we are in need of donations, mostly dog and cat food. 
If you can donate, please Contact Us or send us a secure paypal donation through our "donate" button above. Thank you.
I would also like to welcome Oreo, the kitten, to the rescue and all the rest of our Cats For Adoption.
We are full on both dogs and cats and will not be accepting relinquished dogs and cats until further notice.
R.I.P. to a past adopter's cat, Frankie (not adopted through this rescue), who was killed by a car. May you live on in memory. Here are some pictures and eulogies from Sarah and her sister, Amanda:
"Thanks everyone for your kind words and support as we grieve Frankie's sudden and devastating death. She was an amazing cat with lots of personality. Outgoing, friendly, talkative, cuddly, and fiesty. Originally an outdoor cat, she joined our family with a taste for the wild, escaping at every opportunity. She had a great life, our beach cat, and describing her loss is beyond words." -Sarah P.
"Frankie was born with a taste for adventure...the wind in her fur, the salt spray in her face, the sand on her paws, the sun on her back. She enjoyed life until the last moment, in spirit of solitude and among the presence of friends." -Amanda M
A big "hello" to our newest adoptable dog, Oscar. He comes all the way from a high-kill L.A. shelter and I am glad to give this blind boy a second chance. 
Starting out to be a busy month. Check out our newest adoptable cat, Munch, on the cats for adoption page, and the newest adoptable dogs, Charlie and Rudy on the dogs for adoption page.
Also scroll all the way down to the bottom of our about us page to see my newest addition to my permanent family, Momoiro the beta fish!
Once again, a big "thank you" to all who have donated to the rescue. You can see all the wonderful donations we've ever had all listed on our list of supporters page. 
Click the donate button at the top of our page to make a secure payment to help us continue the rescue. Your help, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated!
It's September already and the adoption applications are starting to flow in again. Let's make September a good adoption month!
Congratulations to Chiquita on finding a forever home. You can check out stories of past adoptions on our Successful Adoptions page.
Until one of our larger dogs is adopted out, we are currently not accepting large to large/x-large sized dogs.
Just welcomed Maggie the German Shepherd mix to the rescue. Check her out at our Dogs For Adoption page.
Last but not least, I believe we have found our next vet. I will be scheduling a visit with the clinic within the week. Let's hope it's a go!
We are almost ready to get our adoption events started at Unleashed by Petco in Hillcrest! However, we must first find a new vet as our current and most trusted veterinarian has left to practice in another city. That means we are scouting for another Tijuana or affordable San Diego vet for continuous services needed for rescued animals. Must be willing to give discounted rescue prices. Please contact us should you have a reference.
We are eager to get the ball rolling!
This also means that we are without a vet until further notice. Not all animals for adoption are currently spayed/neutered. Animals that are not currently spayed/neutered will be placed on hold until we acquire a new vet. Rest assured that we are hoping to attain one as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.
A dog we had adopted out last year, Carlito, has recently become lost. Please contact us at 619-735-3799 immediately if you spot him, any time of day. We are looking forward to reuniting him with his owner soon.
On a happier note. Congratulations to Daisy for being adopted out. Glad she's enjoying her new home.
Happy Fourth of July everyone! Keep your pets safe and secure during the fireworks!
On a side note, the phone speaker is broken and should be replaced later this week or early next week. Until then, texts or emails only. Thank you and enjoy Independence Day!
Five 9 week old kittens have arrived. Check them out on our Cats For Adoption page.
We are pleased to announce that we are in the process of attaining an adoption event spot at Unleashed in Hillcrest. We'll keep you posted!
We will be taking on a large litter of 8 week old kittens into the rescue within a week. Kittens eat a ton of food, so cat food donations would be greatly appreciated. Contact us to schedule a a donation or click on our Paypal button above to donate.
We are still in need of food and other donations as we have a shortage that is cutting a deep hole in my wallet. Dog and cat food would be greatly appreciated. Contact us to schedule a pickup or dropoff of the food at a location convenient to you. 
Currently looking for an adoption event location in the San Diego area for weekly adoption events.
Penny, the 2 year old mixed breed dog has been euthanized due to reoccuring tumor complications as well as constant pain.
She will be missed, but always remembered.
 Rest In Peace Sweetheart
The Adoption Process has a minor change. Because we do not currently have an Adoption Event location, we will be holding interviews at the prospective adopters home location if they are residing in San Diego, or meeting in San Ysidro if residing on the outskirts of or past San Diego County.
This provides a great opportunity for the adopter to view the dog in the comfort of their own home and setting.
While we are back in the rescue game, we no longer have our previous Adoption Event location due to a legal battle with a complaining neighboring store, so we are set with the new challenge to find a new location for our events. If you can hold events in front of your store (doesn't have to be a pet-related store), we only require space for our 10X10 tent, at minimum.
Please contact us immediately. Thank you.
It's been a while since we've been on a hiatus, but I am pleased to announce that we're fully back in the game and have acquired our past transportation volunteer to help with the events.
I'm going at this alone this time as the co-founder is no more, but will be looking for volunteers to join me in my plight very soon.
Stay posted for when we will be continuing our Adoption Events as well as making changes to and completing the updates on the website in the next few days!
It has recently come to my attention, due to the notice left on our gate, that I have been so focused on raising money to treat sick animals and get the rescue by on a day to day basis that I have let the water bill sit on the backburner. We haven't paid the bill in 13 months and are on our final shutoff warning.
Water is cheap in Tijuana, so we are looking to raise the $91 to cover the bill before it is shutoff at the beginning of next month.
Please donate via our paypal button above or personally drop off your donation at our next Adoption Event.
Update: $50 has been generously donated towards the bill. Thank you Dominique!
Only $41 to go!
I am looking foward to attending the next Del Mar protest, hosted by the Animal Defense Team.
Check out the details to this specific event towards the bottom of our Upcoming Events page. 
Update on dog post below:
Due to a donation we have received, we were able to get her the surgery she needed.
She is currently sound asleep at the rescue after having her spay surgery and the tumor removed.
Fingers crossed that the tumor does not come back. I will be keeping everyone posted on her condition.
Thank you Dan D. for your generous donation!
This dog showed up at our rescue last night. I gave her food and water outside and pet her until she fell asleep next to me.
Upon checking her from head to tail this morning, her vaginal area has a mangled look so we immediately took her to our rescue vet.
Our rescue vet will be charging us a special rate of only $100 to get her spayed and have the possible tumor removed.
He also gave us 3 scenarios that I have listed from best case to worst case:
1. It could be that she simply needs to be spayed and be on antibiotics for 1 week. (not very likely)
2. If her condition does not improve after her spay surgery, she will have the known tumor removed. (very likely)
3. If her condition does not improve after her spay surgery and the tumor was removed but has grown back again, then we have to opt for euthanasia. (possible)
As a young dog, I feel she deserves a fighting chance.
If we can gather the $100 in funds by this Monday, she will be receiving her spay surgery and opting for the immediate tumor removal this Tuesday.
You can donate via our Paypal button above.
Please help this unnamed sweet girl!
The animal rescue that we volunteer for and are providers of our dog and cat food (Animal Advocates of the US) are no longer receiving food donations, meaning we aren't either and must fend for ourselves!
We were notified yesterday when they came by and dropped off 1 tiny bag of cat food and some dog food.
We need your help!
Important Change, Event Info: As we conduct our Adoption Events bi-weekly, our next event would've fallen on the Fourth of July, so here's what we're going to do; We will have a consecutive event on the 27th and then continue our bi-weekly's so that we skip the Fourth of July.
Hope to see you there!
Update on Daja: Our vet is charging us only $20 for her Ivermectin treatments, medicated shampoo treatments, and medicated itch-relief spray!
Donations can go a long way with our vet, so every bit counts!
I look forward to posting Daja's new picture once she has a beatiful new coat.
Update on Tiffany: We just brought her home from our veterinarian where she had 6 of her teeth pulled. Luckily the rest were saved and underwent some deep cleaning.
With pain medication, antibiotics, and of course the surgery, it totaled only $67 which was paid for by Cindy, the owner of Pet Me, Please!, our Adoption Event location.
A huge thank you goes out to you Cindy!!!
While I was waiting in the border line inside the US Customs building to get to San Ysidro, I noticed a shepherd mix looking dog wandering around the crowded lines of people. The dog was very sweet and wanted to be pet by lying on her back to wait for a belly rub. She was not received well by the people and they proceeded to kick her and roughly push her out of the way.
The border guards weren't going to do a thing about it, so I asked a border guard who recognized me for my rescue work and she was kind enough to let me cross the dog without having any vaccination records on hand for her.
The dog and I made it back to the rescue. I bathed her and noticed she had a skin condition, was emaciated (couldn't determine previously because of her thick coat), dehydrated, and just plain dirty. I spent 3 hours bathing her and preparing her extra large crate (to protect other rescues from possible disease) with bedding, food, and water. She filled her belly with food and water and had the most peaceful sleep. I named her Daja and she looks like a Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with a German Shepherd at only 40lbs. 
Times are tough and we understand. Relinquishment fees have been lowered again.
Thanks to all who attended the Puparazzi Protest organized by the Animal Defense Team.
Together, we can make a difference. We are planning to target congress next! We'll keep you posted!
Very exited to announce that we had a tv spot on the CW news, channel 6, during the Roots Festival on Adams Avenue.
Our La Jolla adoption event has been canceled but we have improvised! We will be holding a two day adoption event at our regular Normal Heights location on both Saturday and Sunday! Check out our Upcoming Events page for full details!
Due to an incident occuring within the rescue, we are enacting immediate measures and new rules that go into effect immediately.
These rules strictly effect relinquished pets only:
1. We are no longer to accept any dog larger than the size of a Cocker Spaniel. (This rule does not effect strays or pound rescues as 95% of our aggressive/dangerous dog cases involve relinquished dogs over that size.)
2. We are no longer to accept any cat over 6 months of age.
(This rule does not effect strays or pound rescues as 100% of our aggressive/dangerous cat cases involve relinquished cats over 6 months of age.)
We are truly sorry that these rules effect all animals that are on the Relinquished Pet waiting list. I will be contacting all on the wait list that do not fit this criteria immediately.
We are looking for pet-related and food vendors to join us for our adoption events in our attempt to make it a mini-fair type event with an inviting, pet-friendly environment for folks looking at all aspects of animal care.
Contact Us for more info.
Coco, the precious chocolate lab pup that was choked by his owner has passed away. As is customary for us in mourning the loss of an animal, please join us and take a moment of silence for Coco.
Cross that rainbow bridge baby, and don't look back.
We have opened our doors to offering Fostering Opportunities! Check out our Ways To Help page for other volunteer opportunities.
On Tuesday (2/23) we were scheduled to volunteer at the Perrera (Tijuana pound). Little did we know that we'd meet up with a young mom and her pups.
Along the way to the Perrera we had made a stop to pick up some animals from the locals to take to another rescue. An American woman (Maria) had seen us loading the animals and asked about our rescue work. Maria then stated that she lives next to a mechanic that could not afford to feed his dog. To make matters worse, the dog had 5 puppies.
We immediately drove to the mechanic's house/shopfront and witnessed an emaciated mother and her chubby pups. With no food, she was literally having the life sucked out of her by her pups. She was tied to a short lead only allowing her room to move in and out of the doghouse. Her teeth were worn down, leading us to believe that she was so hungry that she tried to eat the nuts and bolts that were surrounding her in the dirt-filled yard.
Upon arrival to our rescue, she ate a nice meal along with her pups. We have named her Mama. Mama is kind, gentle, and trusting of us around and holding her pups. As her pups are only around 6 weeks of age, we will be putting them up for adoption when they are around 8 weeks of age. Mama will also be put up for adoption at that time as well. Stay tuned to our Dogs For Adoption  section to see when they will become available!
Mama eating a much deserved
Mama's babies engaging in play after eating some dry and soft foods.
Relinquishment fees have been lowered.
Check us out at our next Adoption Event!
I am pleased to announce that we will be having a bake sale conducted by two of our volunteers during our Valentine's Day Adoption Event. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to our rescue efforts!
We are also pleased and thankful to announce that we have been featured in a blogspot. Check out the link below:
We have added 5 new cats at our Cats For Adoption page.
Be sure to join us for our special Valentine's Day Adoption Event!
(See 1/16/10 posting). Our beloved Gerbil has passed away today. Infant puppies have a high mortality rate, but it's still worth it to try no matter what the odds are.
Our vet did all he could but we have laid her to rest.
If everyone could take a moment of silence for her, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Rest in Peace Gerbil
We are pleased to finally announce 3 pups that we have for adoption at our Dogs For Adoption page. We've been so anxious to make them available to the public. We've spent a month treating them for worms but it was worth the wait! These little guys are ready for homes!
We build our website using Vistaprint. They give us blank pages which we fill in. They just introduced some awesome new features so that I may create a flash intro, neat looking buttons, and more! There is only a one time fee so we'll be exploring this option soon.
Thank you to all who attended our Adoption Event & Donation Drive. We were pleased to accept numerous donations made today. Join us for our next event January 31st.
During our volunteer work at the Mexicali Animal Control Center we had rescued a 2 week old puppy that was scheduled to be euthanized. I have since named her Gerbil (she's the size of the palm of my hand and she looks like a Gerbil!). Bottle feedings every 2-3 hours is just one of the many responsibilities required for infant pet care. She will not be for adoption though as I am taking her in as my 3rd rescue dog. I will post pics asap!
Our Adoption Event & Donation Drive is tomorrow! Be sure to visit us!
As Gerbil is too young to cross the border, our neighbors offered to petsit her so that we may head to our event. A big thank you goes out to them!
Due to the winter season (animals not breeding as much and Mexican pounds closed for the winter) we have had a major slow down in animal intake. The Mexican pounds are back up and running and we are currently placing pound animals in quarantine. We are also accepting unwanted pets. Please fill out the Relinquishment Form to get the process started.
3 cats have been added to our Cats For Adoption page.
We are pleased to announce that our adoption event was a success in placing our two chihuahua pups and one kitten.
Stay tuned to our Dogs For Adoption page as we will be making new additions towards the end of this week.
Check out our Upcoming Events page to view details on our next Adoption Event & Donation Drive.
Two Chihuahua pups have been added to our Dogs For Adoption page.
We are gearing up for our upcoming Adoption Event. The first of the new year coming this Sunday!
Happy New Year to everyone, human and animal alike!
A new dog and two cats have been added to their respective adoption pages.
We've finally added the Mexican pound feature that we've been working on. We hope it sheds light on how "lucky" the animals at US shelters are.
The Success Stories page has undergone a name change. It is now Successful Adoptions.
As we're barely keeping our heads above water, adoption prices have been raised.
Thank you to Rachel for providing us with an official logo! Check it out above!
Thanks to all who made our event a success. We had 3 cats adopted out during
our Adoption Event & Donation Drive. Congratulations to our raffle prize
winners! We hope you'll join us for our next Adoption Event & Donation
Drive on Sunday, December 20th.
We're slowing down on animal intake. I believe the cold winter season is a contributing factor to the decline. The dogs and cats we have available for adoption seems to be dwindling so we are currently open to accept
relinquished animals. As with every year, the Perrera (Tijuana pound) and the Mexicali Animal Control Center where we volunteer and save animals will be shutting down next week until January. We'll be forced to focus our rescue efforts on relinquished animals only.
We have our first listing under Success Stories! Looking forward to adding more from past adoptions soon.
The countdown until our next Adoption Event begins.
We're looking forward to seeing you there!
The Adoption Process has been updated. We've added and deleted a few things to keep it as simple and understandable as possible.
After an interesting road trip to volunteer at the Mexicali Animal Control Center, we've decided to volunteer there as an addition to volunteering at the Perrera (Tijuana pound). The facility is much cleaner, organized, and humane. We will be adding a Mexican pound section within the next week or so. It will outline the Mexican procedures (how little the animals have before being euthanized), differences in US and Mexican pounds, pictures, etc. Keep in mind, it's not for the faint at heart.
We´ve added a Ways To Help section for those who would like to know how to lend our rescue and all the animals within a helping hand.
I know it's a bit early, but Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We'll be spending our Thanksgiving volunteering at the Perrera (Tijuana pound).
Thank you to all who showed support for us during our event today. It was a slow day (probably due to the Chargers game and people out of town
on Thanksgiving week) but we had one kitten adopted out.
Join us Sunday, December 6th for our next Adoption Event & Donation Drive.
We are currently trying to lower our $400 bill with our veterinarian. If you would like to help out, please click on the paypal button below! Due to recent adoption success, we are now open to accept dogs (depending on size) and cats to our rescue. Visit Relinquishing a Pet for more information.
Get ready for our upcoming event this Sunday, Nov 22!
We have some awesome raffle prizes this time around! Prizes include:
1. Anesthesia free pet dental ($70 value)
2. Pet/Family portrait ($60 value)
See Upcoming Events for detailed prize information.
Kittens and a pup have been added to our rescue due to recent adoption
success! Check them out on their respective For Adoption pages.
Some relinquishment fees have been lowered.
In the best of interest of the animals we have for adoption, we have added a 5-10 minute interview process to our Adoption Process.
Thanks to everyone who made our Adoption Event & Donation Drive a success today! We had two kittens and a puppy adopted out to great homes!
Our next Adoption Event & Donation Drive is November 22nd!!! See Upcoming Events for details.
We've recently been asked to be interviewed by a blogger (not yet but we'll let you know when we'll be featured) writing a blog about Tijuana (in English) with the goal of promoting our cross-border (fronterizo) culture. After reading his blog, I find it to be a very in-depth, very real view of what he calls the real Tijuana. Click below to check out the blog:
We're getting ready for our Adoption Event & Donation Drive this Sunday, November 8th. See "Upcoming Events" for directions/details.
All (except 1) previous dog rescues have been adopted out. We've welcomed fresh faces to our rescue. We're proud to say that this serves as a great reminder that we've made a lot of progress.
We've changed the name of our doners list page to List of Supporters. We've also included the logos and links to all business supporters.
We are filled to capacity on cats. Feel free to fill out the relinquishment form to be placed on the wait list if you have a cat.
Thanks to Pet Me, Please!, Cindy, Beth, Hilary, Ernesto, and all that made the adoption event possible today! Congratulations to our raffle winners. We hope to see you at our next event! Stay tuned to our Upcoming Events page for details!
We've updated our Upcoming Events section and added the hot dog menu list. The Dogs For Adoption section has some more newcomers.
Wish them luck at our Adoption Event this Sunday!
Just recieved some more relinquished dogs which have been added to the "Dogs For Adoption" page.
Space is filling up, but we still have more room for a few cats and about 5 dogs (depending on size). Fill out a form to safely relinquish your pet on the "Relinquishing a Pet" page.
Our next Adoption Event is this Sunday folks! Click on "Upcoming Events" for details!
We had a last minute Adoption Event this past Sunday (Oct. 11th) and we were successful in adopting out Bailey, who has been renamed Tater-Tot. We'll be adding a success stories section soon.
Our next Adoption Event and Donation Drive is Sunday, October 25th which will be a Halloween themed event! Bring your pets in costume and recieve a free pumpkin and candy!
We have room and are currently accepting relinquished pets.
After crunching some numbers, we are operating above our means and donations are getting harder and harder to come by. To ease the cost we have now implemented relinquishment fees which will be outlined on our "Relinquishing a Pet" page.
After such a hectic week:
Thanks to all for coming down to our two day adoption event & donation drive!!! We had 3 kittens adopted out and 2 dogs to loving homes.
Thanks again to Pet Me, Please! for providing us with the space to hold our event. See pics and videos by clicking Past Events/YouTube.
Stay tuned to our Upcoming Events page when we'll be announcing our next event soon!
Due to the recent adoptions, we have begun accepting applicants for our relinquishment wait list. Visit Relinquishing a Pet to fill out the form.
Thanks to some individuals, it has been brought to my attention that my aol email account hasn't been recieving or sending all of my messages. Due to the high importance of these rescue matters our new email will be:
More rescued cats and dogs have been added to their respective pages.
I've been so busy lately that I haven't updated in a while, so here we are! We're getting ready for the adoption event coming up on the 26th & 27th in the Pet Me, Please! parking lot in Normal Heights. See Upcoming Events for details/directions. We are currently in need of the following:
  • Transportation of animals/supplies from San Ysidro to Normal Heights for the event
  • Items that we can use as raffle prizes (Seaworld/Zoo tickets, anything else you can think of)
  • Cash donations to help us with last minute preparation purposes
If you can help out in anyway, feel free to contact us via phone (for immediate response) or email at anytime. 619-735-3799
Thanks to everyone and we hope to make this a larger event!
It really saddens me to read some emails that people send to our rescue. For example, please read this one most recently sent:
"How are you legally bringing " hungry beat up looking dogs" into the united states?! I LOVE dogs too. but the last thing we need is sickly animals bringing filth and disease into our country!!! Please stop. Have you been to the animal shelters here in SD county they are full. We adopted two dogs this year and there are plenty more here. Leave Mexicos problems in Mexico!!! Is this even legal. I have forwarded your web site to DHS, EPA, ICE, IRS, and USDA. Hopefully they can get you under control, because I am just one dog. STOP." -
As we can all see, this man or woman didn't bother reading our entire website. They don't realize that we've taken in tons of relinquished dogs and cats from California. Also, these so called "disease ridden" dogs are not sickly, and have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, flea treated, and dewormed. We are trying to solve both countries' problems by not limiting ourselves to one country. We may be living in Tijuana, but we're American, and that's what America is about, helping all you can help and not just your own country. To all of you who understand, thank you for your kind support and generous donations, and long live the rescue!!!
The Adoption Event yesterday was a success! It was our first solo event and we had 1 dog and 1 cat (Reni) adopted out along with many generous cash donations. We got tons of exposure and answered the public's questions about our rescue organization. Congratulations to our raffle winners:
Marie-$30 gift certificate to the Dog Beach Dog Wash
Rebecca-6 lb bag of Natural Balance cat food
Mark-food/water non-skid bowl
Thanks to Pet Me, Please! for providing free quality pet food to adopters and providing the space for our rescue, thanks to Dog Beach Dog Wash for donating your gift certificate, thanks to my mother for providing the other raffle prizes, and thanks to all who came out to donate and make this event a success.
Our next event is a two-day event on September 26th & 27th at the same Pet Me, Please! parking lot. We look forward to seeing you there!
The countdown begins! Less than 2 days before our Adoption Event this Sunday at Pet Me, Please! in Normal Heights. Thanks to generous donations, we will be having a raffle to win great prizes donated to us for raffle purposes to help raise funds for our rescue. See our Upcoming Events to your right for prize info and details!
Also, we just rescued 4 more pups from the Perrera (pound) from being euthanized. Check out their pics on our Dogs For Adoption page.
Last but not least, due to our involvment with saving pound animals from being put down, we are currently not accepting any more relinquished pets. So that's on hiatus for now until further notice.
We're holding an adoption event!!! August 23rd, 2009 (Sunday) we will be holding an adoption event in front of Pet Me, Please! in Normal Heights. For more info and directions, go to Upcoming Events.
We came back from the Perrera again and we have many cute and adorable pups added to the Dogs for Adoption page. Check them out!
Okay, so the pups are in good health so far and are halfway complete with their quarantined stay. We can't wait to get these pups at our rescue. We're exploring the option to hold adoption events at a local San Diego pet store, so we'll keep you updated with news on that. I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch but let's hope for the best!
We are headed to the Perrera (Tijuana Dog Pound) tomorrow to check on the status of the 4 pups that we picked out and put in quarantine last week. Hopefully they are healthy and will be ready to come to our rescue in 2 more weeks.
Lower adoption fees everyone! Check them out on the Dogs and Cats we have for adoption to your right!
I've been recieving plenty of emails stating that they do not want to come to Tijuana to adopt a dog or cat. It clearly states on our About Us page that we only adopt out to the U.S., in the U.S. All of the paperwork, meetups, and pickups are done in the U.S. only, unless one feels comfortable coming to our actual rescue location. To learn why we are located in Tijuana, please click on the About Us page and scroll down to our Bio on How It All Started.
Also, due to the number of dogs and cats we are recieving, we need to clean house and setup a faster turnover rate (time in which it takes for animals to be adopted out) so that we can help even more dogs and cats that are in need. In order to accomplish this, we've severely lowered the prices on all dogs and cats so we have room for the overflow of animals coming to our rescue.
We just came back from the Perrera (Dog Pound in Tijuana). It's sad to have to pick and choose which dogs we will save from euthanasia, but it's better to save a few than none at all. We picked out 4 pups and 1 older pup. Thanks to our friend Donna, they have been isolated and will be in quarantine for 3 weeks. Let's hope all of them make it out of quarantine. And once again Donna, thank you for your generous donations.
Our internet is back up and running. I've added all the pics of both the old and new that have been admitted to our rescue that I was previously unable to add. Check out the new dogs and cats we have for adoption!
I also just added another page so you can view our rescue and where the cats and dogs are kept. Enjoy!
We have recieved donations from many thoughtful people, so we are starting a donation list page to show our appreciation to those who donate to our rescue. Thanks again everyone, every bit counts!
My internet is down so I'm using public computers, which means I cannot post pictures of new dogs/cats for adoption, but fear not! I will still be posting them on their respective adoption pages, just without pics for now. I'm hoping to have something worked out soon. 
A special thank you to Linda, who donated 3 cat cages, cat food, litter-boxes, litter, and some other miscellaneous cat items. We thank you kindly!  
Hello again everyone! Good news! Our move to the house is finally complete! We have 1 bedroom as a cattery, and a huge front and backyard with two covered porch areas for dogs. We have room for more dogs at our rescue and cats as well, but we are running low on cages and food. If you can, help us out by donating anything you can, even a half eaten bag of dog food will do wonders! Thanks for your support everyone!
This 4th of July weekend has been the worst for our rescue. I am saddened at the recent loss of my personal puppy, Dozer. He was a lively little pup, who sadly had to be put down after contracting the distemper virus from our other recently passed, Lobo. All pets without vaccination records will be subject to a 3 week quarantine before being grouped with everyone else so we do not let any innocent animals contract illnesses from one another.
To all current pet owners, please, have your pets up-to-date on vaccinations to avoid catching an untimely, terrible disease. I love you Dozer.
In order to stay above water, we're lowering the prices of all dogs and cats as we attempt to find a good average price for everyone. Enjoy!
Check out our Chula Vista Pet Fest page! Check out the pictures from the 2009 Pet Fest! I hope you enjoy them!
Although our event at the Chula Vista Pet Fest (pics coming soon) was a success, I regret to announce that the puppy we had for adoption (then decided to keep), Lobo, has passed away. He was a brave spirit, and through all the troubles and illnesses he had been through, he never stopped wagging his tail. He had distemper in it's final phase, and we put him down on Sunday. We were with him to the end, and he kept his cheerful eyes on me, even after the euthanasia set him into a deep sleep. He never stopped staring. I still cry for you Lobo. It may feel lonely not to see you right behind us during our walks, but I know you're close by, and in my heart is where you will always stay.
Rest in Peace Lobo, my little Sheriff.
Great news! Our local veterinarian has agreed to start a tab with us (so we don't have to pay up on vet bills immediately), so as soon as someone qualifies to adopt a dog/cat, we can immediately get the work done on the animal (spayed/neutered, shots, etc.) and have them in a home in a week! So say goodbye to those "Ready by" dates!
Hello again. You may have noticed that we've moved everyone's Ready to go date. This is due to Lobo (one of our pups for adoption) having a gastrointestinal infection. He's gone through so much already, and I hope he gets the best home ever because he deserves it. Paying for all the medications and paying the deposit for the home we're moving to made this bad timing monetarily, but not to worry. When I get my next paycheck we'll be back on our feet in the new house with everyone ready to go by July 15th, so feel free to still fill out adoption forms!
We've added the 3 boxer mix pups to the adoption page! Check them out!
My dog, Lola (Mix?/6 months), graduated her Beginner Puppy Class at Petsmart! Way to go honey! Mommy loves you! 
We're headed to the Chula Vista Pet Fest and Doggy Dash on June 20th, 2009. Meet us and some of our animals for adoption there along with our friends, the Open Arms Rescue group. We hope to see you there!
Three 2 month old Boxer mix pups have made their way into our rescue. With some TLC, they'll be ready for adoption hopefully by the end of this month. Look for their pics coming soon on the Dogs For Adoption page.
We've just hit the Craigslist scene so hopefully the traffic here will pick up. Also, I just finished the final touches on this site, with the addition of the dog adoption form. Enjoy the site!
Just recieved our first donation; a dog igloo! Thank you Kay! I also purchased a large dog crate that was on sale at the Petsmart in Chula Vista, San Diego and a bunch of emergency items at the City Dog in Downtown, San Diego. I also just upgraded this website so I can include even more adoption information and a PayPal option.
All 10 minutes of our house searching payed off! We've secured a 4 bedroom house with a frontyard and backyard! We plan to use the 3rd room for rescued cats and the yard for rescued dogs. We'll be moving in next month, and we're hoping to take on a larger scale rescue operation!
We just rescued a puppy approximately 3 months old who was left for dead on the sidewalk of the apartment complex. One eye was a ball of goo, his hair was falling out, he was severly malnourished, and he had an infestation of ticks. Poor little guy. With medical attention and lots of love, this little guy will see hard times no more. We'll get a 'before and after' pic loaded as soon as we can get an after pic! Also watch for his success story coming soon!
We've gone live everyone! Thanks for visiting our website. We may be fresh and new on the rescue seen, but we've already rescued 6 cats and 2 dogs. So a toast to our recent success. As we grow, I hope to add more information on this site and offer more rescued kittens/cats and puppies/dogs for adoption in San Diego. I am also seeking a house with a yard to rent in Tijuana so I can house even more animals in need, so wish me luck on my search. 
Since everything we do for these animals (spay/neuter, vaccinations, deworming, flea/tick treatment, food) is out-of-pocket, we are always accepting item donations as well. You may also use our secure PayPal button to make a donation:
Long live the animal rescue and have a wonderful day!
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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(All adoptions and paperwork are conducted in San Diego)
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